"Dans son nouvel album 'la Dégustation' elle rend hommage en mots et en notes aux nectars valaisans, aux vins... les rouges et les blancs. Un moment suspendu dans le temps, un vrai régal!" - Rhône FM 


“Flee Flailing” is full of breezy melodies that are executed with warmth, and “Quarantini Time” exits the listen with a festive spirit that’s energetic, memorable and displays the band’s worldly vision.  A listen where no tracks run the same course... together with the esteemed players it makes for a groove filled and passionate endeavor." - Take Effect 


"She might look like a folkie that’s been writing out in the woods but she’s a modern AOR rocker that freely genre splices where needed and really wants to rock your world. Some new, interesting stuff on tap here." - Chris Spector, Midwest Records


"Johannely Fy develops into a great, lively jam, and then ends with the final lines whispered over that groove, which is compelling, particularly as it comes after she belted out the previous lines with an incredible power...I love that guitar work during the instrumental section in the second half of Petite Arvine" - Michael Doherty's Music Log


"Eliane Amherd's “La Dégustation” is one of the most creative albums of 2021." - BRT Radio, the Jazz Hole 


 "Eliane Amherd ist ein frisches und tolles Album gelungen, welches in den immer noch schwierigen Zeiten sehr gut tut." musicch.com 


"Amherd is not only a exceptionally good singer but she is also an accomplished songwriter and guitarist.”  - Jazz Times 


“Amherd's music is fun, funky, sassy and cool and deserving of much wider recognition. A mix of soul and funk, aided and abetted by some Latin and Afro beats. At times both Curtis Mayfield and Gil Scott-Heron spring to mind.”  - All About Jazz 


"She now is simply sensational and all over the music scene with absolute control over the directions she chooses to take. She simply has it!"  - Grady Harp, Amazon 


"Eliane Amherd is the sort of performer that we’ll be hearing a lot more from if there’s any justice in the world.” - Jazz Blues & the truth 


"Eliane Amherd sounds what would happen if Norah Jones let her inner Patty Smyth (of Scandal), Pat Benatar, and Natalie Cole out. This is the pop music that pop music itself forgot it could be.”  - This is Book’s music 


"Eliane Amherd was the highlight of the event. Obviously this band stood out on different level." - Yangon Calling, Myanmar   


"Their stage entrance was met with a great cheer that acknowledged their spectacular performance" - Zhuhai Beishan Festival 


"Eliane Amherd stunned the audience with her showmanship at the Surya Nepal Jazzmandu Festival 2013"  - Himalayan Times   


"La Amherd è una preziosa presenza nel mondo della pop music con un suono originale ed ispirato." - Music Zoom 


"Eliane Amherd simply has it all. Watch her rise as one of the brightest new talents on the scene"  - Grady Harp, Amazon  


"Skyline, ihr neues Album, kombiniert Afro-, Latino- und Brasil-Rhythmen in einem Funky-Pop-Groove, der ihre jazzy Stimme gut zum Tragen bringt und uns genussvoll in ihr Universum entführt." - Beauté Magazin 


"Dieses Album enthält wunderbare Musik wo alle etwas finden was ihnen gefällt, auch wenn sie nicht so auf jazziges stehen." - MusikCH  


"Skylines schlägt eine weltmusikalische Brücke zwischen New Yorker Skyline und Matterhorn. Schön." - Schweizer Familie 


"It’s upbeat, refreshing, and authentic. There’s a pleasant, unhurried element to each track." - robertaonthearts 


"Eliane’s attractive performance on stage has continuously captured the audience with her own Brazil and Latin style of music." - Myanmar Online, Worldmusic Festival Yangon, Myanmar  


"the Swiss jazz-musician starts singing Deusi Bhailo. The crowd goes wild, and Amherd can’t stop smiling." - Samuel Schumacher, Kathmandu Post   


"It is world class. I liked the perfect show of Amherd." - Dzuris at Jazzmandu Festival 2013   


 "Was für eine Stimme, was für eine Musikalität und Bühnenpräsenz. Eliane Amherd hat uns buchstäblich verzaubert. Ein Erlebnis.“ - Bobby Keller, Jazz Club Thalwil   


"Her vocal range is astounding but she makes it look and sound beautiful and effortless. She is a rare find: a very talented singer, beautiful, mesmerizing, warm, charming but unaffected, a hard working guitarist, and amazingly versatile." - Amanda Stevenson 


"Amherd's voice has a nice sexy, lilting quality to it that occasionally recalls, like Rickie Lee Jones. She also plays solid rhythm guitar that mixes nicely with Bill Ware's chiming vibes." - Jerome Wilson - Cadence Magazine   


"Es scheint nichts zu geben, was Eliane Amherd nicht kann." - Dwo - Landbote   


"une chanteuse dont on n’a certainement pas fini d’entendre parler." - Eric Steiner - la Liberte   


"Eliane's "Temptation": you’ll put it on repeat at least a few hundred times" - Rotcod Zzaj   


"Ihre klare Stimme geht unter die Haut und die Vielseitigkeit macht genau die Musik von Amherd aus. Ein Muss für alle Musikliebhaber." - tresspass.ch   


"das von der Künstlerin selbst produzierte und mit versierten Musikern eingespielte Werk überzeugt auf der ganzen Linie." - Heinz Storrer - Schweizer Familie 


"son jeu de guitare accrocheur retient l’attention de bout en bout." - Eric Steiner - la Liberte   


"Her CD is tremendous."  - Albert Pride, WBLZ Blazeradio   


"Love her!!!" - Darrin Scott Kibbey WVCR-FM 88.3   


"Eliane Amherd's new CD is one of those most pleasing finds." - George Graham, Radio WVIA FM   


"Now and from Now on - a truly remarkable album with a great sense of humor and stylistic variety." - DJ Linus breakthruradio   


"She can sing, write songs, produce, arrange and play the guitar and solo as well!" - the Cuban Bridge, Toni Basanta   


"Now And From Now On: A highly recommended album, from a highly recommended artist" - All About Jazz, Bruce Lindsay   


"the performances of Now and From Now are small gems" - Ron Weinstein, InaBlueMood   


"Grande, semplicemente grande." - Music Zoom, Vittorio Lo Conte   


"Eliane Amherd sounds like a Sheryl Crow with a jazz and world-music sensibility." - InaBlueMood   


"An utterly powerful debut, fully developed in its sound and conception in a way that few maiden voyages have ever arrived on the New York music scene before" - Russ Musto   


"In addition to watches and chocolate one must acknowledge the peculiar musical artistry of Eliane Amherd to the contributions made by Switzerland" - Luis Tamargo, Latin Beat Magazine   


"Wild stuff for a new day from a sure handed pro you'll be hearing more about" - Midwest Record   


"Thank you, Eliane for being 49% Brazilian at heart, and 100% when you sing in Portuguese" - Benito Romero   


"her performance, together with her charisma, fills up any ambient" - Casa do Brasil, NYC   


"Eliane is a real find, what talent!" - Richard Boukas   


"it is incredible because she sings, directs and plays guitar simultaneously at such a high musical level that nothing is compromised" - Jennifer Vincent   


"one of the most all around talented artists I have ever written with" - Eric Sanicola   


"One of the very best singers in New York" - Randy Brecker   


"The discovery of the season" - AMR club geneva   


"warm timbre and technique without failure: eliane has everything of a star - l'impartial    


"what joy of playing, what musicality and stage presence - a pleasure for ear and eye and for the heart" - Jazz Club Thalwil   


"her voice wafting over latin percussion with the knowing silky precision of a bossanova princes" - Helvetica Bold   


"I cannot even guess what else she has up her sleeve in the way of voicing, touch and use of space" - UB Post, tirthankar mukherjee   


"A musical force." - Ray Parker   


"A terrific guitarist. eliane rocks!" - Marc Ribot