1. Cornalin

From the recording La Dégustation

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Eliane Amherd - vocals and guitars
Amanda Ruzza - bass
Rosa Avila - drums
Bashiri Johnson - percussion
music and lyrics by Eliane Amherd

From the song cycle "LA DÉGUSTATION" featuring Swiss wines from the Valais region.
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First mentioned in the 14th century. Matures late, capricious during production and therefore nearly abandoned in the 20th century. Thanks to the perseverance of visionary producers it has become the king of the Valais reds. Deep cherry red color with rich purple highlights and fruity strength. When young it is impudent, wild, with a tonic and fresh body. With age it grows smooth, elegant, and classy.
Nose: Spicy and fruity black cherry notes.
Mouth: Intense, long, smooth fruit with elegant mouthfeel and well developed tannic structure.


music and lyrics by Eliane Amherd

you’re such a piece of work
you greedy son of a gun
the center of attention
I cannot even mention
the times you’ve done me wrong

and you are always late
I lost my faith and almost abandoned you
but somehow I always knew
with passion and obsession
that my vision would come true

when you were young
you were so boisterous and strong
your body sheer perfection
fresh fruity your complexion
a spicy carefree son

unruly and wild
an arrogant child
but somehow I always knew
if I took care of you
with time you’d grow and shine
and my vision would come true

and now oh
you’re the star of the show
shameless noblesse, aristocratic finesse
royalty all the way
such a smooth operator
everybody turns their head
when you enter in your red
cherry velvety robe
you’ve fulfilled my hope

you went from sassy to classy
et pour cela, tu es le roi

toute seule
je regarde la lune
avec mon verre de Cornalin à la main

toute seule
je regarde la lune
avec mon verre de Cornalin à la main

ta robe cerise foncé
aux reflets violets
parfumée par ton bouquet épicé

tu m’as mise en transe
avec ta suave élégance
sacré charmeur
en douceur
t’as fait fondre mon coeur
et tu m’enivres
je ne sais plus comment vivre
sans toi, mon roi