Voyage Voyage

Eliane Amherd

Voyage Voyage, the iconic ‘80s hit, first sung by Desireless, travels down a fresh route, courtesy of Swiss born, New York City based singer / songwriter, Eliane Amherd.

Voyage Voyage, the iconic ‘80s hit, first sung by Desireless, travels down a fresh route, courtesy of New York based singer / songwriter, Eliane Amherd.

Amherd, a Swiss transplant, who has spent her career crafting a signature sound that reflects her bossa nova soul, coupled with New York grit, not only sings and plays guitar— but also produces and arranges. What we get is glissant vocals nestled between lush but minimal layers of guitars, bass, and beats. The track harnesses the talents of such New York music scene mainstays as Rosa Avila on drums, Amanda Ruzza (bass), and legendary percussionist, Bashiri Johnson who conjures shimmery accents.

The accompanying video, created by Onome Ekeh of Futurezoo, opens up into a dreamscape of ancient symbols colliding with modern day angst, and whimsy— into flowering mandalas of subconscious activity. The musical traveler finds themselves in an unexpected playground.

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Eliane Amherd

Swiss born and NYC based genre-busting singer, guitarist and songwriter combines Afro, Latin and Brazilian rhythms with funky grooves, along with bluesy, jazzy vocals and catchy pop choruses, to create a fresh sound, completely her own."

Eliane Amherd - vocals and guitars ( 1 - 11 ), Gustavo Amarante - bass ( 1 - 8 ) Willard Dyson - drums ( 1 - 8 ), Ze Mauricio - percussion ( 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8) Jeremy Mage - keys ( 1, 2, 8, 9 ), Jeremy Lawton - hammond B3 ( 4 ) John Burdick - synth ( 3 ), Marcus Strickland - sax ( 9 ) courtesy of Blue Note records, Hagar Ben Ari - bass ( 9 ), Jennifer Vincent - cello ( 9 ), Mathias Kunzli - drums ( 9 ), Bill Ware and Urban Vibes ( 10, 11 )

all music and lyrics by Eliane Amherd “Gonna get up” aka “Bucamo” lyrics by Eliane Amherd, music by CorinCurschellas “What have you done for me lately” by Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis “Turn the world around” by Harry Belafonte, Robert Freedman

arranged and produced by Eliane Amherd, with Jason's and the musicians creative input "Courage" and "Andromeda" Remix produced by Bill Ware

recorded and mixed by Jason Sarubbi at Split Rock Studios, NY mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Mastering, NY

artwork by Onome Ekeh featurezoo cover foto by Lisa Cohen all rights reserved 2016

Critics say: "Eliane Amherd sounds what would happen if Norah Jones let her inner Patty Smyth (of Scandal), Pat Benatar, and Natalie Cole out. This is the pop music that pop music itself forgot it could be."

"She sounds like a Sheryl Crow with a jazz and world-music sensibility."

"Eliane Amherd is the sort of performer that we’ll be hearing a lot more from if there’s any justice in the world."

"Amherd is not only a exceptionally good singer but she is also an accomplished songwriter and guitarist."

Singer, guitarist and songwriter from Switzerland lives in NYC, where she graduated from the New School University. She plays her own refreshing mix of Jazz, Latin and Pop in New York’s most famous clubs and tours North- and South America, Europe and Asia, where she performs at international festivals in China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal and Mongolia, as well as in Swiss embassies. She composed, arranged and produced several albums like “Now and from Now on” which continues to receive great press reviews worldwide and has topped the play list of several US Radio Stations, and the Swiss Miss Sampler “heimweh”, featuring renown Swiss artists. This recording has earned her many great press reviews, several interviews on Swiss national radio stations and an appearances on Swiss talk shows. In 2013 she was a candidate of the first edition of "the Voice of Switzerland" on Swiss National TV. Since 2014 she plays guitar in the all female NYC band "As Lolas" playing Brazilian psychedelic 70ties Rock. Since 2010 she is the director of the "frauenstimmen Festival" in her home town Brig, Switzerland. In 2015 she also was the musical director of the “OrchEXtra Gottardo" at the Expo Milano, Italy.

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Now And From Now On

Eliane Amherd

Hot genre-busting Swiss born, New York based female singer, guitar player and songwriter combines Brazilian and Latin rhythms along with contemporary Jazz and Pop vocals to create a fresh sound, completely her own.

Eliane Amherd - voice and guitar Bill Ware - vibes Gustavo Amarante - bass Willard Dyson - drums Ze Mauricio - percussion

all music and lyrics by Eliane Amherd, Temptation by Tom Waits produced by Eliane Amherd recorded mixed and masterd by Jason Sarubbi, Split Rock Studio New Paltz, New York

album photography by Katung Aduwak art direction by Onome Ekeh

Eliane is one of the hottest forces of the New York City Jazz, Brazilian and Latin scene. The Swiss-born singer, guitarist and songwriter graduated from New York’s New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music in 2000. Since then her original music and lyrics, a groovy mix of all her influences, has been creating quite a buzz.

...the highlight though was a performance by female swiss singer and guitarist Eliane Amherd at the Gala night of the festival. UB Post, Mongolia 2010

...what joy of playing, what musicality and stage presence. The spark jumped right after the first few measures into the audience of the sold out concert space. A pleasure for ear and eye - and for the heart. Jazz Club Thalwil, Switzerland 2010

Besides her performances as a leader or a featured artist in New York’s most famous clubs, like the Blue Note, Joe’s Pub, the Jazz Standard, Cornelia’s Street Cafe, Nuyorican Poets Cafe and major events like the Swiss Peak Festival, the reopening of the Silverstein Building at the World Trade Center (alongside Lou Reed, Susan Vega, and the Brazilian Girls), she also tours in North- and South America, Canada, Europe and Asia, where she performed at the Beijing Jazz Festival in China and the Giant Steppes of Jazz Festival in Mongolia.

... Eliane Amherd has a tone with a complex palette, and establishes mood easily and confidently. She has a vibrant presence. I cannot even guess what else she has up her sleeve in the way of voicing, touch and use of space, but that it is enchanting is assured. Tirthankar Mukherjee, Mongolia 2009

..Eliane strums acoustic guitar, her voice wafting over Latin percussion with the knowing silky precision of a Bossa Nova princess. Onome Ekeh for Helvetica Bold 2007

Eliane has worked with greats such as Randy Brecker, Marcus Strickland, Marc Ribot, Michael Carvin, Bill Ware, Jovino Santos Neto etc. She plays guitar in the Pacha Massive video “don’t let go“ on MTV, her song “as If” can be heard in the award winning movie “Approaching Union Square” by filmmaker Marc Meyers and her voice is featured on Jeremy Mage's song "Slippery Light" appearing on the NBC hit TV series "Lipstick Jungle". Eliane also arranged and produced the Swiss Miss Sampler “heimweh”, featuring famous Swiss artists like Eliana Burki, Nubya, Gigi Moto, Mia Aegerter etc. This recording has earned her many great press reviews, several interviews on Swiss national radio stations and an appearance on the popular Swiss talk show "Aeschbacher".

...after the opening act the singer, guitar player Eliane lightened up the concert space with her enchanted flame. With a cat like elegance she evoked Brazil and its timeless Bossa Nova but in her very own way, coloured with Jazz and Blues elements. She directs her voice with masterful presicion anywhere she wants. Warm timbre and technique without failure: Eliane has everything of a star. l'Impartial 2006

...Her talent as a soloist shines brillianlty on the Jazz scene... the discovery of the season. AMR Club Geneva 2003

Her own band consists of the best musicians the city has to offer, like the two female bass players Jennifer Vincent and Hagar Ben Ari, bass player Gustavo Amarante and the drummers Willard Dyson and Abou Diarrassouba. Other accomplished musicians you can catch on stage with Eliane are: drummers or percussionists Ze Mauricio, Genji Siriasi, Sylvia Cuenca, bass players Ray Parker, Yoshi Waki, Itaiguara, pianists Rachel Z, Helen Sung, Chris Wiesendanger and many others.

...'makeout stakeout' positively embraces the bourgeois, laying waste to the gin slums and instead erecting glistening, crystalline absinthe towers that echo to Eliane Amherd's gorgeous vocals. textura, review of david last's almbum “the push pull” 2005

...her performance, together with her charisma, fills up any ambient. Thank you, Eliane for being 49% Brazilian at heart, and 100% when you sing in Portuguese. Casa do Brasil 2009

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Swiss Miss

Featuring Nubya, Mia Aegerter, Gigi Moto, Corin Curschellas, Andra Borlo, Valerie Fellay, Jamie Wong Li, Irina Simoneta, Christin Maho, Yolanda Schallbetter, Connnie Stadler, Eliane Amherd, alphorn player Eliana Burki

Swiss Miss "heimweh" featuring:


what are heidi’s granddaughters up to? 12 renowned female singers representing different generations, music styles and ethnic backgrounds spice up traditional folkmusic from all over switzerland with its four official languages and countless dialects. arranged and produced by the new york based singer and guitarist ELIANE AMHERD, SWISS MISS is a whole new swiss experience celebrating both - tradition and innovation.

alphorn loops duelling with human beat box grooves, hackbrett meets hot nyc rhythm section, a grumpy farmer family works their field to reggae sounds and did you know that the swiss had the blues as early as in the 18th century?

what started out with some big ideas scribbled on a napkin in a new yorker bar, had soon developed into a major project. ever since Swiss Miss organized several tours in the us, argentina and switzerland, concerts in canada, albania etc.


"heimweh" featuring:

the production ELIANE AMHERD - arranger, producer DEX ( daenu extrem ) - recording, mix and master


the band ELIANE AMHERD - guitar, back up voices, kazoo, percussion URI SHARLIN - keys, accordeon JENNIFER VINCENT - accoustic bass HAGAR BEN ARI - electric bass ABOU DIARRASSOUBA - drums, percussion

the special guests ELIANA BURKI - alphorn NINO G. - human beat box EPHRI SALZMANN - hackbrett ADRIAN MIRA - clarinet, sax BARNI PALM - percussion MICHAEL PFEUTI - tuba JEGER TOBIAS and JULIO LOZANO - percussion DEX - guitar, back up voice, percussion

the photographer BEAT PRESSER - the graphic designer VERA PECHEL

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