1. Andromeda

From the recording Skylines

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Eliane Amherd - vocals, guitars, music, lyrics, arrangementGustavo Amarante - bass, Willard Dyson - drums,Ze Mauricio - percussion, Jeremy Mage - keysall rights reserved 2016
andromeda ( Lyrics )


she said that i was born on a special daywhen the earth was open to a cosmic rayshe said that i was born on a special daythat made me like her right away
andromeda princess andromeda andromeda princess andromeda
have never seen her ever since and it’s already a long time agoi guess that she has gone back homeback home to new mexico
her father half irish and half from brazilher mother a cherokeeshe liked everything from outerspacewas as beautiful as she could beas beautiful as she could be
andromeda princess andromedaandromeda princess andromeda
i said what are you doing what are you doing all dayshe looked right through me and this is what she had to say
we are human beings not doingshuman beings not doingsand what is time anyway
she sat down on the floor like she did the day before and stared out of the windowdown on avenue Bwas as beautiful as she could be
i know that one day you will rise up to the skies like remediosand they will make you their queen and you’ll leave all behind and you will go to placesthat no one has seen
andromeda princess andromeda