Eliane Amherd

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Swiss born and NYC based genre-busting singer, guitarist and songwriter combines Afro, Latin and Brazilian rhythms with funky grooves, along with bluesy, jazzy vocals and catchy pop choruses, to create a fresh sound, completely her own."

Eliane Amherd - vocals and guitars ( 1 - 11 ), Gustavo Amarante - bass ( 1 - 8 ) Willard Dyson - drums ( 1 - 8 ), Ze Mauricio - percussion ( 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8) Jeremy Mage - keys ( 1, 2, 8, 9 ), Jeremy Lawton - hammond B3 ( 4 ) John Burdick - synth ( 3 ), Marcus Strickland - sax ( 9 ) courtesy of Blue Note records, Hagar Ben Ari - bass ( 9 ), Jennifer Vincent - cello ( 9 ), Mathias Kunzli - drums ( 9 ), Bill Ware and Urban Vibes ( 10, 11 )

all music and lyrics by Eliane Amherd “Gonna get up” aka “Bucamo” lyrics by Eliane Amherd, music by CorinCurschellas “What have you done for me lately” by Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis “Turn the world around” by Harry Belafonte, Robert Freedman

arranged and produced by Eliane Amherd, with Jason's and the musicians creative input "Courage" and "Andromeda" Remix produced by Bill Ware

recorded and mixed by Jason Sarubbi at Split Rock Studios, NY mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Mastering, NY

artwork by Onome Ekeh featurezoo cover foto by Lisa Cohen all rights reserved 2016

Critics say: "Eliane Amherd sounds what would happen if Norah Jones let her inner Patty Smyth (of Scandal), Pat Benatar, and Natalie Cole out. This is the pop music that pop music itself forgot it could be."

"She sounds like a Sheryl Crow with a jazz and world-music sensibility."

"Eliane Amherd is the sort of performer that we’ll be hearing a lot more from if there’s any justice in the world."

"Amherd is not only a exceptionally good singer but she is also an accomplished songwriter and guitarist."

Singer, guitarist and songwriter from Switzerland lives in NYC, where she graduated from the New School University. She plays her own refreshing mix of Jazz, Latin and Pop in New York’s most famous clubs and tours North- and South America, Europe and Asia, where she performs at international festivals in China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal and Mongolia, as well as in Swiss embassies. She composed, arranged and produced several albums like “Now and from Now on” which continues to receive great press reviews worldwide and has topped the play list of several US Radio Stations, and the Swiss Miss Sampler “heimweh”, featuring renown Swiss artists. This recording has earned her many great press reviews, several interviews on Swiss national radio stations and an appearances on Swiss talk shows. In 2013 she was a candidate of the first edition of "the Voice of Switzerland" on Swiss National TV. Since 2014 she plays guitar in the all female NYC band "As Lolas" playing Brazilian psychedelic 70ties Rock. Since 2010 she is the director of the "frauenstimmen Festival" in her home town Brig, Switzerland. In 2015 she also was the musical director of the “OrchEXtra Gottardo" at the Expo Milano, Italy.

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