From the recording Skylines

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Eliane Amherd - vocals, guitars, music, lyrics, arrangementsGustavo Amarante - bass, Willard Dyson - drumsJeremy Lawton - hammond B3 all rights reserved 2016


knowing that i’m a fool ( lyrics )
you came my way when i needed some affectionand i fell for the attraction to youyou had this way to make it seem o.k.cause you never really loved her anyway
i gladly believed your half ass storiesi gladly ignored and didn’t worrythat i would make a fool of myselfthat i would make and ass of myself
knowing that i’m a fooli am still missing you and you have no ideaknowing that i’m a fooli am still missing you and you have no idea
you couldn’t leave her sidefor so many tears she criedthat’s why you blame her for your misery
the truth is my dearthat you are full of fearto be a man who takes responsibility
and now instead to change your situationyou go ahead to be a slave of your frustrationand there you make a fool of yourselfand there you make an ass of yourself
i had to let you gobut knowing that i’m a fool...